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Tara Diana

Empowerment Medium

Sessions via Private, Zoom

Tara Diana is a  Medium / Channel for Spirit in all forms.  Her ability to connect with Spirit and bring loved ones, guides, helpers, elders and other spiritual beings through has been with her for as long as she can remember.  Tara's connection to Spirit has become stronger over the years allowing for her to leave her daily job and focus solely on the metaphysical aspect of her work full time in a professional manner since the early 2000's.
All of Tara's work is done through the loving and patient guidance of Spirit and she welcomes the authentic and genuine healing that she is able to provide through her work.  Those that have reached out to Tara have received the information and guidance that they require at this time.
Practitioner Bio & Booking

Lazina Ramzan Sahib

Intuitive Energetic Healer and Medium

Sessions via Private, Zoom

Through the Guidance of Spirit and The Divine Energies of the Light, she blends several Energetic modalities to help you achieve balance, clarity, focus, relaxation and well-being. Lazina is an experienced practitioner in the Energetic Healing Arts. Whether it is bringing alignment to your Energetic Body or balancing your Chakras. She facilitates learning about your Energetic Hygiene, and teaching you the language that your body uses to communicate with You. She is your guide to assist you as you journey into your past lives to explore, heal and release what is for your highest good. She will relay messages from the Divine Energies along the way. "Everything I know and am, comes from Spirit and it is my Intention to be of Service'. May peace and well-being be upon you.

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Nancy Brady

Intuitive Medium

Sessions Via Private, Zoom

Nancy is an “intuitive medium”. The emphasis of her work is making connections with and delivering messages from people who are no longer living to those who still are. She receives information primarily and directly from people who have passed, spirit guides, animals, and beings on the other side of the veil. 

It is no surprise that most mediums and psychics can also communicate with animals as they are made up of energy and have souls just like humans do. Nancy’s ability to tap in and communicate with animals great and small, both here and over the rainbow Bridge, was one of the first gifts to develop early in her spiritual development. A lover of all animals, she has always been drawn to working with them and their unconditional nature.

She likes to say that she acts as the bridge, or telephone, between the spiritual and the physical world, with the intention of bringing healing, guidance, closure, love and peace.

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Jodi Anne

Psychic Medium

Sessions Via Zoom

Hi, I’m Jodi Anne, I’m a self identified Witch. My personal practice has evolved from years of learning, sitting circle with other witches, shamanic practitioners, elders and healers, along side years of personal study. I have a passion for the tarot, as it is where my path started, and have been working with the cards for more than 20 years.

Practitioner Bio & Booking

Angele Valade

Intuitive Medium & Tarot

Angele Valade is a spiritual medium who provides incredible insight into any giving situation a client may find themselves in. She uses a collection of tarot and oracle cards, predominately using the Osho Zen. This deck allows the client a solid glimpse into their current situation. Focusing on the here and now. Past brought you here to the present and the future is yet to be created, left to free will and courage.

Clients have left a session feeling a refreshed outlook and at times felt like a weight has been lifted off their shoulders, that they know they are not alone in their journey.

Angele communicates and work with spirit. She takes the time to make sure you understand all messages received. Understanding the relationship the client has with their own spirit is detrimental to a happy life.

Angele is also a reiki level 3 practitioner. All readings are infused with the healing energy. Angele’s intentions is to help her clients create their own personal happy medium. One good look at where one is at in their personal Journey, laying the cards on the table, so to speak, she able to offer direction, unique and pertinent to each and every individual

Angele has over 30 years of experience communicating and working with spirit.

Ikue Ueno

Multidisciplinary Artist | Dancer | Dance Teacher | Choreographer

Ikue Ueno is a professional dancer, an educator, a spiritualist and a certified fascia maneuver coach at Human Garage ( In her session, she walks you through how fascia stores trauma and guides you to release stress, tensions and trauma from your body so that you feel good, look young, and move light in your body, mind and spirit. We came into the earth to celebrate our lives. Going to Age of Aquarius, we are all called to release and transmute our stored emotional pains (a.k.a. physical pains) and take our body with us to complete our ascension process. Our body is our vehicle. When we reduce our stress from our body, our body knows how to heal itself. I am here to navigate and empower people through their healing journey.

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Wendy Gamble

Clairsentient Medium

Wendy is a Clairsentient Medium  who has been sensing Spirit since her childhood.

She has been actively working with the Spirit world for the last 15 years.

She has been developing her skills through sitting in development circles and attending many workshops with local and international Mediums.

Wendy will sometimes use Tarot or Oracle cards as tools but uses her connection with the Spirit world to bring forth love and messages from the other side. Wendy's main goal is to provide love and evidence from your loved ones to provide you with comfort and well being.

Harbinder Pooni

Energetic Healer

Harbinder serves as a conduit to channel the Energies of the Ascended Masters, Divine Healing & Gaia. His desire is to infuse healing love & light by the way of Eternal Reverberation. A never ending loop of Universal Energies.

Kristy Abel

Biohacking Coach

Kristy Abel is an intuitive therapist and a master manifestor. Since 2008, Kristy has sought to empower the individual to discover what is right for them, so that they find fulfillment according to their own calling. Kristy is also a mental health instructor, with a specialty in teaching other professionals how to make mental health concepts more accessible to youth. 

After 43 years of identifying as atheist, then agnostic, Kristy ‘officially’ began her spiritual journey in January 2020. Midway through 2020, she started manifesting her life’s circumstances on purpose, rather than by default. Her life’s direction is now in constant, delicious flow and flux, as she moves away from ego and ambition and into spirit and meaning. She regularly harnesses the power of our Universe to manifest that which she desires and her mission is to help others do the same.