About Us

Our Vision, Purpose, and Mission


"To be the strongest metaphysical community universally"


"To Give People Peace of Mind"


Spirit Essence by Tara Diana is a team of committed, positive and successful metaphysical and spiritual people who are always striving to be balanced, integral and honest. We will work within our "10 Points of Culture" to make sure that everyone who touches or is touched by the Spirit Essence by Tara Diana team will benefit greatly and in some way move closer to becoming the person they wish to be, achieve the goals they need to be or achieve or just achieve peace of mind.  We will always work in "co-opetition” with all those who believe they are in competition with us. Our community is based on "Continual Growth". We will continue to grow and develop ourselves, our clients and all those whom we work with, while we enlighten and create an interesting learning environment. We will help our clients to develop their intuition and guide them to be empowered through workshops, seminars, private sessions, retreats and special events.

Our Practitioners and services will be of the highest quality, value for money and whether sourced from within our community or externally will always add the most value and use the latest and most effective metaphysical methodologies available within the metaphysical and spiritual community.   Our clients will be open-minded and eager to be taught the tools to empower themselves, and they will want to deal with us because we understand people's wellbeing is based in a balance of Body, Mind and Spirit. We offer compassion, empathy, focus, clarity and understanding. Most importantly, we want you to feel empowered! We remind people to celebrate their spirit and freedom through intuitive and spiritual development.


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