Connecting to your Source Self 

Releasing the Archaic Gender Paradigms of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine

June 19th & June 26th, 2024
6:45 - 8:45 PM PST via ZOOM

Tien Your Gender Guide & Hosted by Spirit Essence by Tara Diana
Are you ready to break free from outdated gender norms and discover your true self?
Join us for a transformative 2-session workshop led
by Tien, Your Gender Guide.



What You'll Experience:


Session 1: Breaking Free from Old Gender Concepts

  • 🔸Foundational Understanding: Learn about the gender concepts that no longer serve us in this new age.
  • 🔸Visualization Techniques: Use guided visualization to identify and release old gender-based beliefs and habits.

Session 2: Discovering and Creating Your True Self

  • 🔸Practical Techniques: Engage in exercises to help you discover your true self, beyond gender constraints.
  • 🔸Reconnect to Universal Consciousness: Learn how to connect with Universal Energy from a place of wholeness and eternity, free from gender definitions.



Why Attend?

  • ➡️Rediscover Yourself: Understand who you truly are, beyond societal gender norms.
  • ➡️Transform Your Beliefs: Release old beliefs and habits that have been holding you back.
  • ➡️Connect to Higher Frequencies: Align with the new, higher frequencies humanity is moving towards.
Reserve your spot today and take the first step towards a new, empowered you!