Mediumship Readings:  Connecting to those on the Other Side, whether they may a loved one, guide or teacher.  Providing proof of the connection and any messages that are meant to be given. In-person or via Zoom.

Zoom: 30 Minutes $100, 45 Minutes $140

In-person: 30 Minutes $115, 45 Minutes $155

Oracle Card Readings: Connecting to Spirit through to visualization used in card readings, providing you with what you need to know at this time.  Various forms of laying of the cards are available upon request. In-Person or Via Zoom. 

Zoom: 30 Minutes $100, 45 Minutes $140

In-Person: 30 Minutes $115, 45 Minutes $155

Past Life Discovery: Working with Spirit to retrieve memories of lives past lived and any energy that has traveled with the individual into this life that may explain energy anomalies etc. in this life. (90 Minutes $200).

Private Development: These sessions are based on the areas that the individual chooses and can be one or more sessions depending on what is trying to be achieved. (60 Minutes $160, 90 Minutes $200).

Group Readings: Demonstrations of Mediumship in a group environment.  Each reading may range from 7-10 minutes and there can be no guarantees everyone will receive a message. Group Readings $160 per Hour + Travel Fee (if more than 20 minutes travel time each way). Minimum of 2.5 Hours.

Private Parties: Private readings in a home or other surroundings with a group of individuals as per the hosts choice. Minimum of 4 people: 15 minutes (6 + people) $50 (travel fee included) 20 minutes (4 + people) $75 (travel fee included)  30 minutes (4 + people) $100 (travel fee included). Please note that more than 30 minutes of travel be an additional charge.

House Clearings & Blessings: On-site Energy Clearings to remove negative and stagnant energy within a home or property.  Includes clearing the energy of the willing individuals associated with the house or property as well. Blessings are placed around the home welcoming positive and enlightened energy for the highest and best of everyone participating. $200 (includes 1.5 hours and travel time).  If property or home is large, additional charges may apply).

Aura Clearing and Cleansing: Focused on Centering and Balancing the 7 Major Chakra Points using essential oils and crystals to heighten everyone’s vibration. 45 minutes $150.

Energy Healing: Trained in the Tera Mei Seichem form of Energy Healing, Tara will work as a conduit for Spirit to help you achieve balance both Body, Mind and Spirit. 60 minutes $175.

Tara Diana does not claim to diagnose, cure or heal physical or mental ailments. The sessions should not be considered medical advise and Tara encourages you to see your physician for any concerns you may have.  If you wish to have any of the sessions mentioned above, you agree by paying the fee that all information is to be taken as suggestions and Tara Diana cannot be held responsible for how the information provided is used.  All participants are aware of their right to make conscious and of sound mind choices and that Tara Diana is not a trained counselor.

Sessions may be recorded for personal use only. By booking the session and agreeing to the fee you agree that the recording is not to be used on any social media or passed on to others. 

Readings must be cancelled 48 hours in advance by email ONLY to (whatever the new email will be). Readings or No Shows will be charged the session fee unless rescheduled within 7 days.

Hours of operations are Tuesday-Thursday 11:30am – 5pm, Wednesday 6-8pm. For other times email Tara for discussion of availability (additional fees may apply).

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