July 30th

Tara Diana Providing Aura Essence Chakra Treatments @ Crystal Light Psychic & Wellness Fair

Tara Diana Providing Aura Essence Chakra Treatments @ Crystal Light Psychic & Wellness Fair

Tara Diana will be providing Aura Essence Relaxation Therapy Treatments as well as have the Spirit Essence store open for oils, candles, crystals and more.  Noon til 5pm.  In person First United Spiritual Church.  First come, first served for appointments or you can register at [email protected]

Our Mission

"To be the strongest metaphysical community universally"

What is the Collective?

The Spirit Essence Collective started out as the Spirit Essence Academy, then morphed into All Things Spirit Essence where we grew our Private Facebook group and now it is finally settled into the Spirit Essence Collective.
Each month we will hold a different type of event in different locations in the lower Mainland (think Burnaby and Richmond) with different practitioners and the odd vendor or 2! Our purpose is to keep a flow of energy through the Spiritual Community with seminars, mini workshops, demonstrations of metaphysical modalities and more! The best part is with technology and my limited but growing knowledge of it (and with a lot of help) we can offer all of this via Zoom as well! So if you aren't in the neighborhood or in the neighborhood and can't make it, you can still participate via Zoom and Zoom recordings!
As always there is an exchange but we guarantee you that our prices will be fair and open to all and we will never turn you away to a seminar, circle or workshop during these particular events if finances are a struggle!
We are excited and truly want to share your journey with you so come out and hang out with our Collective (even if you just want to hang out and chitchat we got you!). We know you won't regret it!

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Holistic Services


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Intuitive  Practitioners

Aura Essence Crystal Therapy


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Vancouver, British Columbia

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Please note a few of our practitioners only read by zoom.


The Friends of Spirit Essence

The First United Spiritualist Church
Serendipity's Backyard
Mystic Violet
X-Treme Clothing Boutique

For Group Demostrations, Spa Days, workshops, please visit Course & Events.

Course & Events


 Coming Soon 

Aura Essence Crystal Therapy Special

Online (Zoom) with your choice of practitioner Tara Diana and Nancy.

30 Minute Sessions include Aura Clearing, Full Chakra Balancing and a 1 card pull for what you need to know.  $50.00  

Gift Certificates Available for All Occasions!!

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