"Rickie is a phenomenal instructor. She leads with her soul, which is one filled with goodness and love. She is a role model for us all. While that lays the foundation for an inviting and safe environment in class what makes her exceptional is her well-versed knowledge on the topic, her passion, drive and ability to deliver this knowledge to the students, and the demonstration of her obvious calling to help others. This allows the over-active minds to be satisfied and the skeptics to relax. I quickly discovered that Rickie has a knack for connecting to each student at where they are on their journey, for I was able to begin studying in a second-level class without prior experience. I've also seen her do this with others in subsequent courses and am impressed at how quickly we all advance. She shares her knowledge and experience with meditation, mediumship, trance, healing, and the foundations of all of this - your soul development and relationship with God - though her expert mind, beautiful soul and open heart. All get to experience the blessings of her gifts throughout the courses." - Shawna Parry