Tutor Bios:

Tara Diana


Tara Diana is a Medium / Channel for spirit in all forms. Her ability to connect with Spirit and bring loved ones, guides, helpers, elders and other spiritual beings has been with her since the age of 4 and has grown stronger over the years allowing her to leave her daily job and focus on the metaphysical aspect of her work full time in a professional manner since 2011. Any message that Tara gives is done with the explicit intent of being for the highest and best for the individual that she is sitting with. Her ability to help those to release what no longer serves them and manifest their strengths is what allows those that work with her to process their lessons and continue to self-heal and empower themselves.

Lazina Ramzan Sahib

Intuitive Energetic Healer and Medium

Through the Guidance of Spirit and The Divine Energies of the Light, she blends several Energetic modalities to help you achieve balance, clarity, focus, relaxation and well-being. Lazina is an experienced practitioner in the Energetic Healing Arts. Whether it is bringing alignment to your Energetic Body or balancing your Chakras. She facilitates learning about your Energetic Hygiene, and teaching you the language that your body uses to communicate with You. She is your guide to assist you as you journey into your past lives to explore, heal and release what is for your highest good. She will relay messages from the Divine Energies along the way. "Everything I know and am, comes from Spirit and it is my Intention to be of Service'. May peace and well-being be upon you.

Paula Gil

Psychic/Medium and Medical Intuitive

Paula has chosen to dedicate her life to helping people like you navigate their intuitive journey. Her goal for every session is to help you hear your soul and access a unique, insightful intuitive perspective to empower and inspire you to define your future and improve the quality of your life.

Farina Latif

Holistic Counsellor

Farina is a Holistic Counsellor, Certifed Reiki II Practitioner, and Energy Therapist. She is also an Intuitive, Empath, Crystal Healer and Registered Social Worker. She works with a Mind-Body-Spirit-Emotion model. Through multiple subtle energetic body systems, she facilitates healing via the Quantum Field. She works with Spirit guides, Archangels, and Ascended Masters.
Her self healing journey began at 15 years old when she struggled with depression, anxiety and trauma, learning it was her mission to help others heal. In 2017 she faced debilitating chronic physical illness and pain, and experienced one of many spiritual awakenings allowing her to heal herself from disabling dis-ease moving her in the direction of fulfilling her soul's mission.

Rickie Avitan

Medium and Spiritual Healer

Rickie is a medium, a spiritual healer and a clinical hypnotherapist. She is committed to providing you with an environment that is conducive to safe, competent and ethical practice. She is accountable to her practice and act in a manner that is in accordance with her professional responsibility. It is her highest concern to safeguard your trust and your learning needs.

Corinne Ropp


Everything is metaphysical. And to listen to the metaphysics within you is key to having the best life. Corinne Ropp, Director at Y.O.U. Seminars has been a student of metaphysics for the past 30 years.

Corinne learned the hard way how to trust Spirit. Having Spirit connect with her first at 5 years old and then through her life has been a roller coaster ride of learning to trust that intuitive muscle. Today her connection to Spirit is the shortcut that allows her to help many in a short period of time.

Her psychic and intuitive abilities are not always about telling you the future, they are about empowering you to connect to your own path. 

As a facilitator of many personal development classes as well as metaphysical classes, Corinne opened up a Vocational College in Coquitlam where she teaches Clinical Hypnotherapy, Personal and Professional Coaching, and Metaphysical Classes. Corinne has taught meditation circle classes since 2004.

Lynn Marie 

Psychic Medium

Her passions include pendulums and meditation.  Lynn Marie loves to share her wisdom and knowledge.  Lynn Marie provides inspiring mediations that allow you to relax and come away feeling rejuvenated.  She will show you the power of Pendulum and how to access that power through workshops and circles.  In addition Lynn Marie offers guidance through channelled readings and connections to loved ones through mediumship.

Jodi Anne

Psychic Medium

Hi, I’m Jodi Anne, I’m a self identified Witch. My personal practice has evolved from years of learning, sitting circle with other witches, shamanic practitioners, elders and healers, along side years of personal study. I have a passion for the tarot, as it is where my path started, and have been working with the cards for more than 20 years.

Nancy Christine Brady

Intuitive Psychic Medium

Nancy is an Intuitive Psychic Medium on a spiritual journey, humbly and authentically helping others along the way. Her energy and enthusiasm are contagious.

Nancy has always been a very spiritual person and believes the universe has a way of guiding us forward through our lives with the help of spirits, the divine and universal energies. Nancy was blessed with the gift of being able to connect with the other side since childhood. Her focus is to bring forth awareness and healing through messages from your loved ones. To deliver guidance and insight for past, present, and the future while teaching others how to open up their own spiritual potential.

Jeannie Sullivan

Psychic Medium/Energy Practitioner

Jeannie Sullivan is the founder of HeartFelt Energies, a business specializing in metaphysical and spiritual wellness. Jeannie is a gifted psychic medium and energy practitioner. She is a Reiki Master/Teacher and  Primus Activation Healing Technique Practitioner. In addition she is also a Mesa Carrier. Jeannie teaches a variety of holistic classes and seminars throughout New England and to online communities. She is the creator of both the Spring and Fall Equinox Healing Arts Fair. Jeannie has thirty years of educational experience that she brings to her classes and seminars and loves teaching others. She provides soulful life coaching to clients and dives deep with her clients. She gets excited when she witnesses "lightbulb moments" happening for her clients. 

Kristy Abel

Biohacking Coach

Kristy Abel is a counsellor with a Masters' Degree in Psychology; she is also Biohacker who teaches about the power of Nutrigenomics (the science of how nutrition affects gene expression), cellular activation and leading edge ways to combat the effects of aging on both the inside and the outside. She's here to help you return to a place from before your body and your brain started letting you down. Optimal health is vital to having a clear mind for so much of what we do! 

Ophilia Law

Spiritual Coach & Master Energy Healer

My life has been a roller coaster throughout my entire life which equipped me with a wealth of experience and knowledge. During the toughest times of my life I had a strong sense that there was something I was meant to do to fulfill my life purpose. With that thought in mind and the Universe’s guidance, I became a Seichem Master Healer and Spiritual Coach. In addition, I create crystal healing intention jewelry that is infused with Divine healing energies to aid in one’s journey.  

My deepest passion in life is the love I have for animals. I’ve always felt connected to them intuitively and energetically. I was further guided to bring pet owners closer to their pets whether to better understand them or to reconnect with them from the Spirit World. 

 My Soul’s purpose is to help others by bringing them healing, comfort and peace. 

Lynne White

Medium/Clairvoyant, Angel Oracle Card Reader

Lynne White works as a Medium/Clairvoyant, Angel Oracle Card Reader.  Facilitator for Intuitive Development classes including working with the Arch Angel's.  

Always investing in further her education through Metaphysical studies.  Completed Level 3 Secheim and Reiki.  Works also as a Paranormal investigator and a member of the Paranormal Bettyz.  Exploring history and places if events to provide evidence of afterlife in a respectful manner.