(Michelle Farrell, Island Girl, January 2021)

I first meet Tara Nagy about 4 years ago at an event in Steveston at Serendipity Backyard where she did a group mediumship reading of about 30 people. From this first meeting, I’ve attended one of her spiritual weekends in Abbotsford with my daughter and now doing some personal development work with Tara online with a group of like minded people whom want to expand and grow consciously and learn more about the unseen and subjects that we just don’t talk openly to anyone. Tara, has taught me to listen to my intuition and is currently helping me develop spiritually and fostering self growth within myself for further growth and development. I am forever grateful for the divine introducing me to such an amazing person. Tara has helped me grow as a person and helped me heal with past wounds. I can honestly say, Tara feels like family to me! Tara has this a sweet kindness and laugh that just makes you smile and automatically feel better just by her voice, compassion and giggle or laugh here and there.

Olivia Bob

I met my dear friend Tara many years ago. She knew nothing of me or my family except for what spirit shared with her. She has been a blessing to my family from the start. Bringing hope and easing the ache in our broken hearts as we have suffered many a loss over the years. Tara has been giving of her time and her gift of connecting with loved ones in spirit, validating their identities and relaying their messages of support, love and strength to myself and my family. I always come away from readings feeling lighter. I am truly blessed and grateful to have Tara in my life.

Betty P.

I have known Tara Diana for many years. I have found her to be a very caring person, energetic and a woman of her word. For me honesty and trust is very important, Tara encompasses both of these traits. You can rely on her to be honest and intuitive to any sensitivities a person has. She will give advice with caring but with the knowledge, she can not change you or feel intrusive. She carries these traits into her business life as well. She believes in what she does and is very committed to offering her clients the very best guidance to promote confidence, kindness and a closer and more productive relationship with 'self'. She is a person you feel privileged to have in your life. I have felt I could always depend on her to uplift me and know the reliability of her words and actions. I've felt blessed to have her in my life.

Ophilia Law

It has been a real blessing to have met Tara and she is by far my favourite Medium. Her strong connection with Spirit is a true gift which allows her to share a wealth of messages from our loved ones which provides so much healing, comfort and guidance when it is needed most. Tara’s unique and upbeat character also makes the reading very enjoyable and fun. Being in her presence is very uplifting and she brings a lot of joy to the people around her. Not only is she a fabulous Medium, she is a lovely person with a beautiful Soul and a heart of gold. Tara is also a thoughtful individual and always looks out for others by lending her unconditional support. I am so grateful for all that she is and have given me. Thank you my dear friend.

Tia Piche

I met Tara about 6 and a half years ago. At the time, I was new to my spiritual journey. Tara was my first medium I ever went to. I remember googling mediums in Canada and I was instantly drawn to Tara’s Facebook page (I live all the way in Northern Manitoba). I am a huge believer of things happen for a reason, and she is one of them. Little did I know then how much she would soon mean to me, not just on a spiritual level, but on an emotional level too. Each phone call with Tara I would record and as months would pass by, I would replay those phone calls and realize how much have either came true or made sense now. Since building trust and a rapport with Tara, I now go to her quite often in times of need and times of panic. She has helped me open my eyes to the endless possibilities and also the truth; even the truth we sometimes do not want to hear. Tara has been there for me in more ways than she will ever know and she has really helped pull me out of some dark situations; bringing light, love, and hope where it is needed. I am also grateful for the new spiritual workshop classes I have partake through her. I highly recommend her to anyone. Her gift really does serve a wonderful purpose and I will forever be grateful for all that she does and has to offer.

Susan Haworth

My name is Susan and I am a student/client of Tara's. I would like to share my thoughts on what a wonderful person, psychic medium, teacher and compassionate soul Tara is. Over this past year I have taken many of Tara's classes, workshops, meditations, group readings, have had a mini private reading, also I have had cards read by Tara and she never ceases to amaze me! Her professionalism and compassion are beyond words. Tara is always supportive and never harsh or judgemental. Along with Tara I have worked with many other psychics this past year as well as many years before this and I must say Tara is the best of all of them! I cannot express enough my gratitude for Tara and for her love and compassion towards her students, clients and her work. Much love and light.

Adrienne Andersen 

I have been so fortunate to experience Tara’s intuitive gifts for over 8 years. I’m confident in her abilities to help share and enlighten others with her superb knowledge and abilities. She is truly amazing, caring and generous with her time. Tara is authentic and ethical and I highly recommend her to my customers.
- Manager at Serendipity’s Backyard

Debra Campbell

The Spirit Essence Metaphysical and Wellness Academy has helped me work on being the best me. It is connecting me with like-minded people and wonderful teachers bringing their knowledge and experience to the classes they teach.

Lazina Ramzan-Sahib

I met Tara Diana almost 12 years ago. I had a girlfriend who had gone to see her for a reading and she was so happy with her experience. I decided that I would go and see her too. 
The first thing I noticed about her was the twinkle in her eyes. They were and still are bright, sharp and full of energy. She brought in one of my Ancestors. Actually, this Ancestor had come to Tara earlier in the day before my appointment. Tara had told me how she had been totally chatting to her about me all day. Sounds like my Ancestor, lol!
Tara is an authentic and truly gifted Medium. She is insightful, generous and spot on! In the time after having a reading with her,  Spirit guided her to guide me and to guide others. 
At that time, Tara was a very busy Mom. With her kids being in soccer, dance and lacrosse. Did I mention that she was also the team manager for her kids sport teams? Plus she drove everyone everywhere. She was and still is a master at fundraising for worthwhile causes. 
You may be asking yourself why is she telling us all of this?  What does this have to do with her being A Phenomenal Reader, Channel, Guide and Healer? With all of her family commitments and life going on. She still made time to hold development circles. To teach what she knows and is guided by Spirit to pass on. She also organizes and co-hosts and runs the Successful T&T Wellness & Psychic Fairs.
I started off as a client and not too long later we became Soulsistas and we are Besties.  She helped me to know and see myself. To see what Spirit sees in me. To have the courage to grow, to heal and to trust. I am the Healer that I am today, because she took the time to teach what she knows. She saw it in me, before I did and showed me how to see it for myself. All of this plus more. With her signature Tara Diana delivery. With focus, clarity, understanding and love.
Tara Diana has done this not only for me, but countless other people. Through her intentions, passion, focus, dedication and love of Spirit, she has created and brought together a vast Spiritual Community. One person at a time. One reading at a time. One class at a time. One Fair at a time. One Online Academy at a time. 
She has brought comfort, strength, wisdom and clarity to all that come to see her. With the incarnation of her Spirit Essence Wellness Academy.
She is also one of my favorite human beings! Do yourself a favor and have the experience for yourself. You will not be disappointed!
With Love & Spirit,
Lazina Ramzan-Sahib
Radiant Morning Star