Full Moon Celebration Circle

With Empowerment Medium Tara Diana
Via Zoom (Link Provided with Drop In Registration)
The Full Moon represents completion of a cycle.  Each Full Moon brings with it an energy unlike the moon before it and together through guided visualized meditation the Universe guides us to our next steps.  Celebrating our accomplishments, our healing work and our ability to let go and start the next cycle with ease.
Fee:  $13.00 Drop In

Wednesday October 20 Hunter's Moon 7:30pm MST, 6:30pm PST



Friday November 19 Beaver Moon 7:30pm MST, 6:30pm PST



Saturday December 18th Cold Moon / Solstice Celebration 7:30pm MST, 6:30pm PST




Intuitive Development Circle with Medium Tara Diana

The Intuitive development circle is a sacred space for those wishing to develop their natural intuitive abilities with like-minded individuals.   Guided by Spirit Essences own medium, Tara Diana, this group will focus on all forms of Metaphysical work including but not limited to Mediumship, oracle cards, past lives, psychometry, pendulums, auras and energy healing.  Limited spaces available.

September 8/22,

October 13/27,

November 10/24,

December 8/22,  

Fee: $200.00 (4 monthly payments of $50 each)

Participants may be in person (Tara Healing Space in Burnaby) or via Zoom.  Limited spaces available.


Nurturing Body Mind & Soul - Self Care Workshop

Tutor: Jodi Anne, Tara Diana, & Astrid Velsa
Date: September 23
Time: 7:00pm (PST) via Zoom
Cost: $55
The most important thing you have is YOU and you must honour your full soul self at all times!  This 2 hour workshop consists of breath work with Astrid, Grounding & Balance Guided Meditations with Tara Diana and Self Care Rituals focusing on the balance needed in our lives with Jodi Anne. Tara and Jodi will also give you each an individual "card" with what you should focus on for the month.  An amazing way to set up your Fall!

Awaken Within Course

Facilitators: Jennifer Quick
Date: September 27, 29, October 4, 6
Time: 7:00pm Via Zoom 
Cost: $199.00


4 Live Sessions over 2 weeks with homework!  This course is an exploration of emotions, gratitude and compassion.  An excellent start to Spiritual rejuvenation. 


Releasing: Check yourself before you wreck yourself 

Tutor: Farina Latif
Date: Sunday, October 3rd, 2021
Time:  6:30 pm (PST) via Zoom
Cost: $40

Learn how to identify the archetypes that you may be currently embodying keeping you stuck in old patterns and self sabotage such as over giving, people pleasing, procrastination, perfectionism not charging the value of your services and more. You will learn how to activate the opposite archetypes to help you release self limiting beliefs, step into your power, speak your truth and embody your highest timeline, so you can make the biggest impact. This course is for healers, light workers, psychics, empaths, new light leaders who are ready to get to the next level. 


Brunch with Spirit Essence Medium's

Date: October 10th
11:30-1:30 PM (PST) via Zoom

Bring your Sunday Brunch and join these three fun and beautiful Spiritual souls as they dive into all things Metaphysical.  Messages from the other side, aura readings and clearings, Tarot and Oracle card pulls and of course Q & A.  As the seasons change, this is a great opportunity to see and hear what it is you need to know in a fun and energetic environment with like minded individuals!


Trance Mediumship & Healing Workshop

Tutor: Rickie Avitan
Date: Saturday, October 16 2021
Time: 10:30am - 4:00 pm (PST) via Zoom
Cost: $80

Trance Mediumship & Healing Workshop

 Rickie is a Skilled Tutor, Psychic, Trance Medium, a Spiritual Healer and a Clinical Hypnotherapist

This workshop will enable you to deepen and dive into a day that is filled with trance healing practices. You will be spending meaningful, longer time with your spirit team through various designed stimulating exercises. You will be able to practice with each other, in small & large groups. Learning how to work in private and platform settings. Rickie will be providing you with individual support and feedback. The day will be filled with love of your spirit friends and each other

Who can join the workshop: students who have taken the trance healing course and other trance courses as well as mediums of all levels, with or without prior trance experience, you can also join if you have some experience with meditation or energy work, all you need is to come with an open heart and willingness to learn and transform your life with the unfoldment of what is already within.  

Space is limited don’t miss this amazing opportunity, register today