The Work That We Do

Uncategorized Aug 01, 2022
Hey friends!  Welcome to August's Blog and it's a doozy!  I was driving back from a client's private party and I was thinking about all the obstacles that we place in front of ourselves when it comes to looking after ourselves.  To find our perfect balance (actually screw that!  There is no perfect balance - let's just take any balance).   Sometimes the obstacles are big like mountains and other times small like mole hills.  But they are obstacles just the same that we don't need in our lives....or do we???
Here it is.  The mindset of everything is a lesson in truth.  Straight up, undeniable truth.  Everything that we do, experience, achieve, conquer however you look at it is something that enlightens us and clears a path to the next part of our journeys.  Everything that we experience, the good, the bad and the ugly has purpose.
  I believe that we (in our human state) spend too much time...
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Why Body, Mind & Spirit!

Uncategorized Jun 27, 2022

Why Body, Mind & Spirit!

Hey Lovees!  It's summer Solstice and it's time to chat about the correlation between the whole Body, Mind, Spirit phrase.  At least, of course, from my point of view!  
Working with Spirit has allowed me to see myself in a way that I don't think many who are not aligned with their Spiritual selves have access too.  Knowing that there are a multitude of ways that we as our "human" selves can access guidance from "others" is a gift all of its own!  The realization that we are more than just the human self is vital to our existence and our ability to resonate at a higher vibration.  It doesn't mean that we won't encounter all that we are meant to as humans, but instead allows us the ability to be in control of what we need to learn and adhere to the lessons with ease (or at least more ease than if we didn't have this access).  
In my view, it is important to recognize that we...
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The Power Within Us

Uncategorized Jun 01, 2022
Everyday we wake up and we have a million choices we have to make.  Do I eat cereal for breakfast or eggs?  Do I wear grey or white?  Do I walk the dog now or later?  Everything is up in the air really until you make a decision to move forward.  
For many these decisions are made every day and they are made easily.  For some though, these decisions can suddenly feel like the weight of the world is resting on your shoulders and the decisions that you need to make are almost as though they are life and death.
Our minds are so very complex and when we acknowledge that we really only use a very small portion of our brains, then we can't help but acknowledge that we cram A LOT of information into these small spaces and the overload is REAL!  There is no doubt that we overload ourselves.  That society, work, family and more adds every day to our need to make decisions and our need to make the right decision.
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Spring has Sprung and Abundance is In The Air!!

Uncategorized Mar 28, 2022
Welcome to all things that Sunshine and Happiness Bring!  This is the time of the year that we are able to stop for a moment, take a deep breath and allow the new energy of Spring to flow through us and remove the sense of hibernation that we have been sitting in for the winter.
It is here that we are starting to see that it is our personal responsibility to "clean house" if you will.  To be able to see through the veils and address what it is that we need at this time. 
Many of us are currently focusing on world energy.  Sending healing and love to all that need it at this time.  The Empath in us can do no other.  It is a need that we must fulfill and we rise to the occasion at all costs!  Rarely, do we address what those costs are and how do we work through the costs because it is impossible for us NOT to have to work through them.
There is a saying I give to my Intuitive Development students and it is...
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Heading into Spring!

Uncategorized Feb 23, 2022


So as I sit here and think about what I want to write, I am feeling the overwhelming sense to focus on International Women's Day March 8th.  This day is significant for me personally in the sense of being reminded of how powerful I really am.  Not powerful in an ego based perspective, but powerful in the sense that I have the ability to make or break what happens in my life.  The ability to choose what paths I follow and this honestly is not the case for all women in this realm.  This day also inspired me to run the Spirit Essence Online Retreat March 14-18th.  Here, I hope to provide inspiration, community, laughter, hope, determination and a profound state of love of self and others by learning what Spiritual and Metaphysical work can do for you on your own journeys.
There is so much work to be done in regards to women being empowered and we must all start within our own sacred space.  By looking deeply into what makes us...
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2022 is OUR YEAR friends!

Uncategorized Jan 06, 2022

Welcome Back Friends!

I am so excited for this year!  2022 is OUR YEAR friends!  So much reflection has been done over the last few weeks as we move into the New Year!  I am filled with the desire to continue to create our safe haven.  Our sacred space.  The community that we are all seeking!  One where we can learn from each other and empower ourselves with like minded individuals.  I know that there has been so much change within Spirit Essence over the last 2 years but I see it as learning lessons and growth!  Our ability to see what we need in ourselves can be so empowering and yet overwhelming as well.  We have to be able to sit back and take those deep, meaningful breaths and focus on what we are trying to achieve!  And it can be as little or as large as you wish it to be!  Energetically, we have the personal responsibility to connect to our higher selves and see the work that needs to be done and then obviously...
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Managing Anxiety Over the Holidays

Uncategorized Nov 18, 2021

I love the holidays...I loathe the holidays...There’s so many people to see...I don’t want to see anyone...I want to be generous....I don’t want to overspend...

There are countless possible stressors in any given year around the winter holidays, but this year, they may be augmented, as we move closer and closer towards the new normal.

While the holidays can bring joy and connection, they can also be extremely stressful and increase feelings of loneliness.

Many of us are “out of practice” socially and the reintroduction to family gatherings, parties and travel may have us feeling on edge. The holidays may also highlight our feelings of isolation. We are still, as we know, in a pandemic, which adds an extra layer of stress to a time of year already laden with it.

Here are 5 ways to help manage anxiety and depression:

1. Talk it out.

Whether it’s with a friend, family member or therapist, getting your concerns out of your mind and into the world can do...

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The State of Bliss - Archangel Raguel - The Divine Peacekeeper of Synchronicity

Uncategorized Oct 05, 2021

To sit in the silence and to breathe in the light.  To discard the movement of all around you is to know that the ultimate peace is at your human fingertips.  Allow the air to move freely above you.  Below you. And then most importantly child, within you.  The flow of the energy brings the true balance to all that you are seeking both in the human realm and then the blessed realm.  Why does the silence frighten so many?  Why indeed does the idea of stillness cause a state of fear like no other?  Sit with me child, in the silence.  I will hold you close.  I will provide you with the strength and will to move in the direction that is true enlightenment.  To see that bliss is not just a human word that flows easily from human lips, but instead is a movement and an idea that flourishes with understanding and perspective.  That bliss is unique in it's form to each and everyone of you.  So do not fear the silence that...

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Sun, Salt Water and Sand……….It’s Good For the Soul

Uncategorized Oct 05, 2021

Never underestimate the power of a beach full of sand, a whole lot of sun, a tad bit of wind, and the rolling waves of the ocean. Our earth and the heavens provides us with the perfect antidote to stress, angst, and energy we have no idea what to do with.

I went to the beach today for the sole purpose of clearing my energy field. It is one of my favorite ways to release all the crap that builds up from time to time. I began by wading into the ocean to my knees. As the waves came in, I imagined dumping all the emotions I wanted to get rid of into the ocean. I envisioned all the gunk riding the waves as they rolled on out. With each wave in I would dump and with each wave out I said goodbye to what was not mine to hold on to anymore.

I ran my hands along the tops of the waves and used the salt water to continue to clear both my upper body and my mind as I rubbed my wet hands up and down my arms and across my shoulders. Salt water is an excellent clearing agent. The negative ions help...

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Welcome to Spring! Welcome to Sunshine and Happiness!

Uncategorized Apr 03, 2021
Welcome to our Academy!
The Spirit Essence Metaphysical & Wellness Academy is about inclusion.  It is about opening our eyes to new and exciting forms of work on oneself and to help guide us to be of service to others!  Our flow is to bring authentic and important tools to the table and allow you to pick and choose your flavour!  What resonates with you!  What calls to you!  What do you need to learn a little more about!  Here at the Academy we hope to provide you with some of those very important answers.  
Founded by Medium Tara Diana (Spirit Essence by Tara Diana) and focused on local practitioners, our goal is to bring the Metaphysical and Wellness Communities together as a collective. 
Body, Mind and Spirit.
In Love and Light, 
The Spirit Essence Team
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