Welcome to Spring! Welcome to Sunshine and Happiness!

Uncategorized Apr 03, 2021
Welcome to our Academy!
The Spirit Essence Metaphysical & Wellness Academy is about inclusion.  It is about opening our eyes to new and exciting forms of work on oneself and to help guide us to be of service to others!  Our flow is to bring authentic and important tools to the table and allow you to pick and choose your flavour!  What resonates with you!  What calls to you!  What do you need to learn a little more about!  Here at the Academy we hope to provide you with some of those very important answers.  
Founded by Medium Tara Diana (Spirit Essence by Tara Diana) and focused on local practitioners, our goal is to bring the Metaphysical and Wellness Communities together as a collective. 
Body, Mind and Spirit.
In Love and Light, 
The Spirit Essence Team

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